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Rustique, Lendal

3rd November 2016 at 6:06 pm

Rustique, Lendal

there are actually two of these restaurants in York. The one on Lendal is the closest to our apartments and the one I have visited most frequently. This is a highly rated French restaurant. You can get all the classics here, moules, steak frites etc.

The food is of a decent standard while not being fine dining. They cater for tables for two and also large parties. There is a restaurant upstairs and a much larger dining area and kitchen in the basement.

The restaurant is very close to the tourist information office. Just head towards Lendal Bridge from the tourist office and take a left on to Lendal. The restaurant is immediately on your right.

Whenever I have been the atmosphere has been good and the food has been of a good standard. Worth a visit!