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Chocolate in York

Chocolate in York has been one of our key industries for nearly two hundred years

Manufacturing of chocolate in York

Did you know that, as well as its beautiful ancient buildings and rich history, York is also famous for chocolate manufacturing?

Throughout the late 19th and all of the 20th Centuries, York had two large chocolate factories, Rowntree’s in the North and Terry’s in the South.

They were one of the city’s major employers alongside railway manufacturing.

These chocolate entrepreneurs invented World famous brands such as Kit Kat, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Smarties and After Eights in our city.

Chocolate rivalry and a famous book

There was intense rivalry with Rowntree’s buying land right next to Terry’s original Clementhorpe factory and donating it as a public park (Rowntree’s Park). This stopping Terry’s factory expansion plans.

Not to be outdone, Joseph Terry built an iconic art deco factory just a few miles away on Bishopthorpe Road. This rivalry is said to have inspired the Roald Dahl classic book Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Dahl had visited Rowntree’s factory as a young man.

Chololate in York’s legacy

Terry’s has now closed in York but its building houses beautiful apartments and a care home now. Rowntree’s still manufacture in York but are now part of Nestle.

Joseph Rowntree created and expanded the Rowntree’s confectionary business in. the 19th Century. He has left a huge legacy in the city. He founded Bootham School which is next door to our Luxury Apartments. Joseph also built a whole village for his workers to the North of the city called New Earswick.

As well as Rowntree’s Park he also established a charitable foundation. This foundation helps to alleviate homelessness.

We celebrate York’s chocolate manufacturing heritage in our apartments.

You will see images of the chocolate factories and the chocolates produced around our apartments.

So that you can enjoy this secret part of York’s history we have left you chocolates in your welcome pack.  There are oranges at the apartments in number 60 and Kit Kats in number 62. There’s also chocolate shards from a current York manufacturer, Guppy’s Chocolates. Enjoy!