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Covid 19 safety procedures

COVID 19 Safety Procedures

We have introduced COVID 19 Safety Procedures from our re-opening on 4th July 2020.

We carried out a Risk Assessment and as a result of this we have created our new COVID 19 Safety Procedures plans.

Our new procedures include the following:

Our Team and COVID 19 Safety Procedures

On arrival, we temperature check all members of our team. If a member of our team has a high temperature they are asked to go home and seek a COVID 19 test at the local test centre.

Prior to each team member coming back to work we take them through our Risk Assessment and train them in our new procedures. Because our team are all employed by us we can be certain that they follow our COVID 19 Safety Procedures.

Because we want to keep both our guests and team safe from each other, our team only enter the apartment to clean 30 minutes after guests check out. They wear gloves and masks while in the apartment so the possibility of spreading droplets is minimised.

We are COVID 19 secure

Check in procedures

We have a contactless check in procedure. We leave keys in secure key boxes outside our apartments. All keys and key boxes are wiped down with COVID secure disinfectants on each changeover.

New cleaning under our COVID 19 Safety Procedures

Every time you check in, the checklist below will be followed by the cleaner and will be signed off by them:

  1. Cleaners wear masks and gloves while inside the apartment. They wear for 1 day only. We disinfect gloves between cleaning apartments.
  2. We only use COVID compliant cleaning products in our apartment. All references to cleaning/wiping etc below are with these products.
  3. Cleaners put all linen in the laundry bag straight away and close the bag. Cleaners must place all unused towels etc in the dirty linen bag.
  4. We place all crockery, glasses and cutlery in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher. These items will be left in the dishwasher to assure guests that they are clean and free from contamination.
  5.  We wipe all door handles and areas on the door around the handle.
  6. We clean all light switches.
  7. All heater switches cleaned.
  8. Bathroom and kitchen surfaces cleaned
  9. Tables & dining chairs cleaned
  10. TV Remote cleaned
  11. Sofas wiped
  12. Guest folder wiped internally & externally
  13. Hard floors mopped.
  14. Apartment left fully ventilated with windows open. Apartment door left locked with the handle and door wiped on the way out.
  15. Keys wiped & returned to the office.


Social distancing & hand hygiene

Our apartments are all in small blocks of 3 or 4. There is only a small chance of seeing any other guests. If you do, we have notices asking guests to always give priority to those leaving the apartments. So that, for example, you allow a guest to descend the stairs before you go up.

We also provide hand gel in our hallways so that guests can regularly clean hands with hygienic fluid. We provide soap inside each bathroom in the apartments.

Part of our approach to hygiene is that we are learning all the time. So we are keen to listen to other people’s experiences, learn from travel sites and  speak to others in our industry. As a result of this we are constantly improving our COVID 19 Safety Procedures.

Please use this site to book now because you can be suer we are following great COVID 19 Safety Procedures