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Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars in York are a key feature of our city centre. The number of excellent places to eat and drink is increasing all the time. So that we can help you find some great places among so many, we have made a few suggestions below. However we are sure that there are many more that are out there that we have yet to try. If you come across anywhere that you really like, please let us know. That way we can pass on your recommendations to other guests. We will of course sample them first!

We want you to enjoy and be able to make the most of your time when visiting York. Our top 10 lists are below to take the pressure away from you when deciding what to do during your stay. The majority of our suggestions focus on the Bootham side of town, as that is where we are based, but we hope that once you’ve completed our suggestions you will continue to explore this beautiful city and discover your own favourite spots.

You should also see www.visityork.org  for the official York Tourist Board website that will give you more information on exploring and you may also want to visit TripAdvisor for reviews on all our suggestions.

Where to Eat

After all those attractions you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite  so sit back and relax in one of our hand picked restaurants, serving whatever you fancy. Click here to enjoy the food York has to offer.

Pubs and Bars

Whether you’re here for leisure or business, a stop at one of York’s famous watering holes is always a must, with over 300 pubs and bars you’ll never go thirsty! We’ve picked the best so you don’t have to, click here for our choices.



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